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True Water

Revolutionary live wallpaper exclusively for Android devices. Photo realistic water settled by a school of cute fish swimming around the screen - bring the new life into your mobile device! All is interactive and real-time rendered (not an animation or movie, just truly live wallpaper!).

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  • True interaction thanks to Artificial Intelligence (ALL is fully interactive, there is NO any predefined animations or movies!).

  • Photo realistic water surface.

  • High Definition graphics.

  • Interactive fish, swim in schools around the screen, you can play with them!

  • Many scenes (themes) available: ocean, pound, river, beach, abstraction and more!

  • Powerful customization settings, make entire effect your own, adjust background, water, environment and fish settings (possibilities are limited only by your imagination!).

Will it drain my battery?

True Water is designed from the ground to minimize battery overheat. Application code have been highly optimized. The most important think is, this wallpaper in contrast to many others: does just nothing in background. There is no ads, so no internet connection is required.

True Water uses battery ONLY when visible. If screen turns off, if you open any menu or application - True Water stops any activity immediately.

But remember! While you are playing with fish, time goes very quickly! True Water is highly optimized, but still consumes power just like any other apps. Therefore, in the first days, when you will be excited by this app and you will be often playing with it - battery can lasts shorter.

How it works?

How is it possible that such a realistic effect runs smoothly on a mobile device? True Water takes advantage of OpenGL ES 2.0. The final effect is a result of multi-pass 3D rendering. True Water utilizes mainly the power of graphics processing unit (GPU), practically does not use the main processor (CPU). This is why it does not affect the operational speed of your phone.

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