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Developer Assistant

A tool for Android developers, testers and designers. Allows to inspect elements, layout, style, even translations directly on mobile devices.



Can inspect runtime properties of views, current activity, xml layouts used on a given activity, translation keys and more.


Can check size and margins in px and dp of elements displayed by particular app or even the Android home screen, settings etc.


Can check view hierarchy including accessibility classes, texts, content descriptions and more attributes useful for tests’ automation.

Inspect view elements

Testers writing automation tests and developers chasing bugs can inspect hierarchy of elements displayed on the screen, directly from the mobile device. The concept is similar to inspection of web pages with well known dev tools shipped with the leading web browsers.

Inspect view identifiers, class names, text style or color.


Preview the best matching layout resources displayed next to their root views.

Verify layout

Designers, testers and developers can finally check size and position of various elements presented directly on the mobile device. Did you ever wonder what is the exact distance of a given button to a given text label on particular device? Or maybe, what is the size of particular element in density points? Developer Assistant provides toolkit to help verify and satisfy requirements from designers like pixel or rather DP perfect design.

Preview strings on runtime

Developer Assistant gives translation offices possibility to display translation keys next to text elements, directly on a mobile device. Translators get what?s the most important in order to provide quality translation: the context where a given text is used.

Translation keys displayed next to text elements.


Translations for other languages can be previewed (no need to change the language of mobile device).


Minimum and maximum length among existing translations.

Check current activity

Developers can check class name of current activity, especially helpful for larger projects. Testers will appreciate unified solution to access the APK version name, version code along with unified shortcuts to common actions like app info or uninstallation.

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Android Developer? Designer? Tester? Try something new, increase your productivity. This tool can change way you work with mobile devices, forever:)
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