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True Water for Android

Revolutionary live wallpaper exclusively for Android devices. Photo realistic water settled by a school of cute fish swimming around the screen – bring the new life into your mobile device! All is interactive and real-time rendered (not an animation or movie, just truly live wallpaper!).


True interaction

All is fully interactive, there is no any predefined animations or movies! Fish movement depend on your touches and tilt of the mobile device.


Interactive fish

Fish swim in schools around the screen, you can play with them!


Photo realistic water surface

Advanced algorithms deployed in order to provide stunning visuals, uncommon on mobile devices.


Predefined scenes

Ocean, pound, river, beach, abstraction and more!

High Definition graphics

High resolution textures guarantee beautifull effects on any device.


Powerful customization

Make entire effect your own, adjust background, water, environment and fish settings (possibilities are limited only by your imagination!).

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How does it work?

How is it possible that such a realistic effect runs smoothly on a mobile device? True Water takes advantage of OpenGL ES 2.0. The final effect is a result of multi-pass 3D rendering. True Water utilizes mainly the power of graphics processing unit (GPU), practically does not use the main processor (CPU). This is why it does not affect the operational speed of your phone.

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