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We worked with a small team. My role was to prepare a technical approach then to build mobile apps and the game server. I have implemented iOS, Android and Java ME apps, including support for BlackBerry and Symbian OS. The game server was capable to handle thousents of simultenous games. What’s more, I believe I helped a bit (if not a lot:) with the concept of the project.

2011 – 2013

Android, iOS, Blackberry, Java ME i SE.

Winobi logic games

Winobi logic games will exercise your brain and make it work better. Compete, develop yourself and earn if you dare! Get your juices flowing with winobi!

Don’t worry there is no gambling in winobi! All competitions are based on skills of players (logic, memory, perception) – not luck (by means of chance). Players get exactly the same tasks to solve.



Brain is like any other part of the body ? it must be exercised to work smoothly and effectively. Winobi offers you logical games that always keep your brain cells in shape.



Winobi is a mobile game application you can play anytime, anywhere. Playing a game takes less than a minute so you can do it when stuck in a traffic jam or at a dentist?s waiting room.



Play against other players, friends or strangers in multiplayer logic games. Your odds depend on your brain power alone.



Winobi is a free application with many opportunities. You can play to develop your skills or get high scores and awards. But you can also win real money.

Winobi for Android

Winobi for iOS

Winobi story

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